HashECM: Changing the Way You Work

Susanth Kurunthil, Managing Director

HashECM is a Bangalore-based software company that has crafted a range of products which help you control,streamline and keep track of your work. HashECM’s flagship product Productiviti is designed to make all your operations run smoothly and efficiently. Productiviti is a versatile product that can be applied to multiple industry verticals ranging from banking and insurance to hospitality, oil and natural gas companies and many more. With Productiviti, you know exactly how much time is spent on each work item, who is working on what and how to optimize your organizational processes. HashECM’s existing customers have benefited from improved productivity, finer process control, reduction in operational costs and increased customer satisfaction with Productiviti Claims Management Solution.

Speeding up Insurance Claims Processing
With Productiviti's built-in Document Management System and all-in-one Work Management platform, claims processing for Insurance has never been easier. Productiviti’s readily available workflow templates make monitoring, registering and settling claims super efficient and allows you to manage every work process to an incredible level. Moreover, the Dashboard feature gives you the ability to monitor the status of every single work item at one glance. Automatic data capture makes extracting data out of forms easy and accurate. All these features together ensure transparency while guaranteeing a significant reduction in the time taken
to carry out claims processing ensuring a manifold increase in efficiency.

Seamless Orchestration of your Claims Processing
Productiviti allows for all the parties involved from the customer, third parties and the insurance company itself to collaborate together during the claims processing. Once a claim is filed, the customer knows the status of the claim at every point. The insurance company can send queries and receive responses from the customer at any time which is then incorporated into the workflow. All the inputs and collateral information from the third parties involved in laying a claim are also seamlessly integrated into the workflow. What you now have is an efficient workflow which manages all the aspects of processing a claim with the required notifications automatically going out to all the parties involved. There is no need for follow up phone calls or unnecessary meetings. The entire operation of processing a claim is made faster, simpler and far more systematic with Productiviti.

" With Productiviti, you know exactly how much time is spent on each work item, who is working on what and how to optimize your organizational processes"

Analytics and Insights
Productiviti's built-in analytics allows you to get a clear picture of the type of claims being processed, the processing times involved and the process bottlenecks. This ensures that the management gets a macro level view of what’s going on with the added ability to drill down and inspect any work item of interest. Receiving realtime updates at every milestone of the claims processing also helps the customer support team tackle queries more efficiently.

Extending Insurance Products to Other Markets
Currently, HashECM's clients are situated predominantly in the Middle East. Plans are in place to expand its reach to the Indian market along with South East Asian markets in the not-too-distant future.