iNube: Bringing Insurance Processes onto a Unified Platform

Vinod Iyer, Chief Executive Officer

Insurance companies are increasingly transitioning from the conventional mode of operations to digital platforms. This has brought them closer to their customers. However, being a segmented industry, insurance has its core and peripheral processes disconnected, with independent applications for different processes such as customer acquisition and channel management, policy underwriting, data management and more. As a result,these applications are reduced to nothing but silos of information waiting to be harnessed. Hence, it is imperative to interconnect every process of insurance business so that each of these applications can talk to each other, making the whole process seamless for the end customer.

iNube Software Solutions has embarked on a mission to stitch together each peripheral process involved in insurance and make them seamless with digital solutions. Being one of the few technology solution providers for both Life and Non-life Insurance sectors, the Bangalore headquartered company focuses solely on the insurance domain. Vinod Iyer, the CEO, shares that this has enabled iNube to get an in-depth understanding of the business challenges and develop specific solutions to address the same. Vinod also adds,“Our industry solutions for the Life Insurance segment bring companies onto one digital platform for mutual leverage of information. This accelerates customer servicing and minimizes fraudulent activities in the business process lifecycle as well.”

Solutions that Deliver Reduced TAT (Turn Around Time)
iNube’s portfolio of Insurance technology solutions starts with their
flagship mobility product called Evidens,a RMAD (Rapid Mobile Application Development) Platform. Leveraged to develop enterprise applications based on business processes, Evidens minimizes the TAT on field activities of insurance business operations. Facilitating quick information exchange, the platform enables real-time video streaming, image and video optimization, topped with offline availability. What makes the solution extremely advantageous is the fact that it enables businesses to capture digital data at the source. Consequently, businesses find themselves better positioned to mine information, thus enhancing underwriting and associated processes.

Another transformational offering by iNube is AVO. As opposed to multiple portals on multiple channels such as broker portal, agent portal, banca portal, customer portal, etc., AVO brings channels to one platform, thus facilitating an omni-channel experience. With the enablement of ‘Anywhere, Anytime, Any device’ access, AVO directly contributes in expanding the market with enhanced efficiency and productivity along with improved customer experience. To manage end-to-end motor and health insurance claims, iNube has put forth ClaimsLive, a product that delivers lowest TAT and optimizes claims processes. Poised as a one-stop digital platform for enterprise wide claims management, ClaimsLive enables straight through processing (STP)and automates the configuration of adjudication workflow while reducing manual processes of similar claims. With role-based authorization matrix, ClaimsLive enables insurers to focus on more complex claims adjudication process.

Empowering Insurance Companies
The company’s offerings also include an array of Mobility solutions such as Motosync, MedSync, Agri Insurance platform and more, through which iNube aims at empowering insurance companies with greater ability to sell their products and with ease and agility while staying customer-oriented. With a team of industry experts and dedicated focus on R&D, the company co-innovates solutions in collaboration with customers with focus on practical business use cases. iNube is currently operating in India, Sri Lanka and Middle-East.