Infintus: Complementing Insurers' Analytics & AI Platform

Rishi Jain, Chief Executive Officer

A Gartner study says 75percent of data in enterpriseis‘unstructured’ viz; scanned documents, sensor data, images, emails, audio video(AV)and social media files. Insurance faces it perhaps more than any other industry due to nature of its sales, under writing, claims processes. Decision makers are increasingly sensitive about the quantum of unstructured data to get channelized adequately to aid decision support to scale their business multi-fold. Therefore,a clear strategy driving such data Analytics & AI is vital.

( by Infintus - www.intelligent
With 50+ years collective insurance expertise within its team and a ready analytics platform to service incrementally evolving business scenarios of enterprises across departmental functions, Infintus is well poised for strategic partnerships to complement insurers’ data & AI strategy. That would help unearth the unstructured data intelligence and help build speed and efficiencies that positively impact customer experience. Infintus is engaged in built-in analytics and AI apps for claims, invoices, market intelligence, lease contracts, medical reports, customer service, KYCs fraud, compliance, call centre performance metrics, online behavioral analytics. has 3 unique aspects:
• Real-time Streaming - from multiple source systems to an agile enterprise intelligence platform.
• Enterprise Information Lake - Unstructured & Structured data across enterprise can be organized and analyzed in one place.
• Analytics App Studio - configure use cases as analytics apps reducing time to market and cost

Readiness for Analytics Platform is very simple to deploy through FOUR configuration steps.
1.Where - to configure where to crawl and stream data from(databases or unstructured sources)?
2.What- to configure what data to stream (specific tables, fields, files)?
3.How - to build In-memory Data Pool to organize data needed for particular analytic app?
4. Outcome -to develop Visualizations, action alerts, AI models or API based sharing with other systems.

Infintus enables all of the above in few weeks, thus saving considerable time/cost on Analytics initiatives.
•'s capabilities also cater to significant portion of Unstructured Data + AI scenarios basis discussions with several large Insurers, automation and process excellence experts.
• PDF / Doc type Analytics (Market Intelligence L / NL Reports, Invoice Claims, Contracts)
• Scans / Images Analytics (KYC, ID Fraud Verification, Asset-make-model Damage classification)
•Large Files Indexing Analytics (rules engine NLP search) – Property Lease/Medical Reports / Underwriting
• Email/Social Media Analytics(Content, Context, Sentiment) – Twitter/FB feeds, Customer Service
• Lead Scoring – Customer Online Behavioral Analytics

Srikanth Gurunathan, Chief Technology Officer

Assurance to a CIO's Office comes with library of over 30 configurable insurance specific analytics apps for structured and unstructured data formats. With component and micro service architecture, it can plug into existing workflows easily. Intelligent can also expose data as APIs for other systems to consume.

"Infintus is expanding in U.S., ME and Asia, and developing partner ecosystem of insurance software, IT, and BPO providers"

Like Analytics-in-a-box full stack, doesn't require buying of other license or developer workforce on coding. Data Analysts can learn and configure it in around 4-6 weeks’ time, thus eliminating over 50% costs in the value chain around multi-software/ skills need. Importantly, as data changes in the source systems,the updates to require little intervention, testing and support. So, total cost of ownership over a 3-year horizon is far too economical than most other solutions/approaches.

Udayakumar Rajamani, Chief Product Officer

Data and Analytics strategy
Enterprises need to look at their data and analytics strategy in terms of ‘Renew and New’. They need to Renew existing analytics infrastructure and bring New tools to manage the growing data and drive innovation. Intelligent Enterprise. ai can be part of ‘New’ strategy, can lead the new use-case development and collaborate with existing infrastructure to augment it.

Infintus is expanding in U.S., ME and Asia, and developing partner ecosystem of insurance software, IT, and BPO providers.