Qualtech Consultants: Redefining the banking experience with digital lending platform

Manish Kankani, CEO&
Ashish Srivastava, COO

Disruptive technologies are changing the ways of banking for the service provider and end-customer alike. The banking system is still in a stage of metamorphosis with increased mobile penetration, low computing costs and cloud platforms that are changing the way lending companies now operate. Enterprises need a seamlessly integrated system as opposed to a solution that runs in a silo. In addition to this, customers prefer a digital path and are often in a time crunch that has further pressured lending companies into providing customers unparalleled client satisfaction through the adoption of new business models, streamlined operations, and efficient processes.

“While end customer facing systems are evolving rapidly, the core systems also need to keep pace with fast changing regulatory frameworks (GST,INDAS). Any change in one module of core Loan Management System, since it involves complex financial calculations, has a far-reaching impact on other modules,” opines Manish Kankani, Founder, and CEO at Qualtech Consultants. In tandem with meeting and exceeding both lending companies and end-customer requirements is Noida headquartered Qualtech Consultants with their novel and cutting-edge product miFIN, a digital age lending platform that leverages underlying technology advances to provide better turn-around-time and services to the customer while ensuring more effective decsion making and operational controls.

Bridging the Gap between the Lending Industry and End-customers
Perfectly poised as a complete lending ecosystem, miFIN encompasses a comprehensive suite of products that can be deployed independently or as an integrated platform, depending on the operational model and growth stage of the customer.“With end to end coverage of the entire lending lifecycle and ecosystem spanning across customer, organization,and third-party partners, it is built on the paradigm of making technology a real enabler and growth driver rather than as data storage, validation and support tool,”adds Ashish Srivastava, Chief Operating Officer at Qualtech Consultants.

"miFIN is a digital age lending platform that leverages underlying technology advances to provide better turn-around-time and services to the customer while ensuring more effective decision making and operational controls"

With its strong focus on the lending industry, miFIN drives the paperless revolution as it offers paperless business process capability. Additionally, the web and mobile-based workflow platform designed and developed by a technically adept team of professionals is enabled with the configurability to launch new product variants on the fly with a holistic view of the customer. It is available on cloud as well as an onpremise deployment model. The platform is engineered to facilitate clients with solutions for retail lending products like Personal Loans, Consumer Durable Loans, Auto Loans, Home Loans and so on. Simultaneously, it extends its services towards corporate lending products like Business Loans, Loan against property, Commercial Vehicle Loans, Bill Discounting, Builder Loans, Line of Credit and the likes.

With the team of well trained experts and a deep industry rich experience in this domain, Qualtech is currently working on fusing trending technologies like AI, ML and bots to make miFIN more intelligent and efficient leading to more value-added services for customers in their business operations.