Vieva InTech: Delivering Innovative Online Claims Management System

Dhiren Ved, CEO

As the world we live in today is full of risks and uncertainties, it is highly important for every individual and organization to get their properties insured. If the proposer and the insured are fortunate, they may never have to make a claim against their insurance. However, when things go wrong and lead to unexpected disasters or loss, the organizations can make a claim with their insurer. While claims processing is one of the most crucial service activities performed by the insurance companies, claims settlement is a critical aspect of the claims management process. Although it is a complex process with multiple phases, settling the claim expeditiously will result in service improvement and client satisfaction. Hence, a feasible solution to achieve this is implementing the claims management software system.

Mumbai headquartered, Vieva In Tech’s Motoveys is an online Claims Management System of Vieva In Tech that works with Insurance companies’ core insurance system and ERP. Motoveys is the first online claims assessment product that has been used in the industry for the past fourteen years. People across value chain of many insurance companies have worked on it and so far more than three million claims have been settled through Motoveys. The company has deployed Motoveys integrated with their core, finance and other systems in a record of 1 – 1.5 months’time frame for two of its large enterprise customers. “With the rapid technology shift, insurance companies are looking at solutions
have been piloted at some areas and Vieva In Tech is one of the pioneers in insurance services and technologies playing a vital role in niche areas like claims management and control,” affirms Dhiren Ved, CEO, Vieva In Tech.

Decision Making BI Tool
Robust analytics capabilities help in revenue growth, expense reduction, leakage reductions and improved customer service. Insurance companies must choose the right KPIs to ensure that they are analyzing the factors that will determine the future success or failure of the company. Vieva InTech’s analytical engine - Claim Analisi provides the managements a dashboard that has a drill down of all organization KPIs from country level till individual user, unit level and service providers. It is a decision making BI tool that analyzes claims across businesses and feeds into the company’s Watch Dog System - Moto Exameto control and curb leakages, ACPs, TAT etc.

"Vieva In Tech is one of the pioneers in insurance services and technologies playing a vital role in niche areas like claims management and control"

Vieva In Tech was started by Dhiren Ved with an idea of simplifying the claims management process. His team consists of AR Sekar, who recently joined as the Director Advisory and has led the largest insurance company in the country and Jignesh Ved – Director, Business Strategy and Technology, who has several years of experience with the world’s biggest software company. With a combination of deep insurance domain and technology experts, it has helped the company to come up with technology enabled innovative solutions that fit well within the context of the industry.

With the thirty minute claim settlement through MotoStream(real time streaming)and AI engine of Motoveys,the company is thus moving from ‘Dynamic Adjudication to Auto Adjudication’. The company is currently working on Insurance for mobile devices through policy – inception to claims to renewals.